Here and There (January 26)

Here are some of my picks from here and there as I jump around the web reading today.  Also, I’m including some not so new articles, just because I think they are relevant as we come to the end of our first month of the new year.

 10 Reasons to Read the Bible  – Erin Davis gives some 10 reasons to read your Bible.  Even if it wasn’t a “resolution” you made at the start of the new year, its never too late to jump in.

One to One Bible Reading   – A simple and uncomplicated guide to studying the Bible that is flexible and easily adapted for any size group or even by yourself.  I have been using this personally for a few months and find it works very well.

All Paths Lead to God  – Kevin De Young writes, “All paths lead to God, but only one path will present you before God without fault and with great joy.  Pick a path, any path–it will take you to God. Trust me: you will stand before Him one day. You will meet your Maker. You will see the face of Christ”

Aging Gracefully  -“It is vitally important that we teach our daughters that aging isn’t a death sentence; it’s the result of living. The lines on my face have been carved by hours of laughter and tears. My brow has been furrowed by worry over a sick child, job loss, and death. Stretch marks and scars give testimony to God’s faithfulness. The gray hair hasn’t come yet, but I pray that when it does I will accept it as a crown of glory and not something to be covered up.”

How to Combat the Demonic  – “If you want to fight the demonic, don’t focus on the demons at all; just let Jesus be large in your life.”

The App of God  – Tim Challies on comparing the Bible to an App.

Jesus is Better than Ice Cream – “Here’s the huge, massive, completely life-altering truth we need every day of our lives: Because of what Jesus Christ did for us on the cross, we can run our race. He makes it happen. He gives us the strength to run. He gives us the grace to set aside our sin. He’s the Prize at the finish line.  So in my daily Christian life—which is a long, grueling marathon, not an easy, breezy sprint—what am I looking unto?”



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