Here and There (January 29)

Psalm 31:24 Be of good courage,
And He will strengthen your heart,
All you who hope in the Lord.

Some Points of Interest I found to share today…

A beautiful and sobering look at the remains of the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland. It is overwhelming to imagine the suffering of the victims there in grip of such evil, both captives and captors. We must never forget! This link is to the long version, but if you prefer the shorter one it can be found here

Theology Nerd – I can relate to this so much! Anyone else? “Hello, my name is Susan and I am a Theology Nerd…”

Set Apart Motherhood  – An interview with author Leslie Ludy on her new book, Set Apart Motherhood. Here is an excerpt: “A lot of moms today are frazzled, stressed, and defeated. Our society says this is normal. My book “Set Apart Motherhood” was written to help moms discover how beautiful and fulfilling motherhood can be when Christ is at the center of it!”

Scripture Typer  – If anyone is looking for a help on memorizing God’s Word, I’ve found this program to be great! I have it on my computer and on my phone. I am truly without excuse…

And since I’m on the subject, here is my other favorite Bible App for daily reading. It is loaded with options and a huge choice of reading plans. You can even connect with others who have reading plans and have it send you reminders. If you want accountability, innumerable choices or just organization, take a look at what they offer. Another way I am without excuse for getting in God’s Word so it can get into ME.



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