Here and There (February 7)


Don’t Give Up  – Encouragement to press on when the going’s difficult.

Newborn Lessons  – Lessons learned in those special days with a newborn.

Parenting for Eternity, not just 5pm  – Jen Wilkin on the “Challenging Glory of Parenting.”

You Cannot Serve Both God and Theology  An excellent reminder here.  “Without theology, you will not know God — literally and spiritually. So, this article is not meant to be a prohibition against theology — God forbid — but a caution and a warning about theology. Knowledge about God can replace an authentic knowing of him to our destruction, especially for the theologically refined and convinced. We all should want our theology to be not only true, but Spirit-filled and fruitful.”

How to Resist Gossip  A well written article that includes what gossip is, suggestions on how to resist it and replacements for it.  I especially appreciated this takeaway:  “There may be situations that arise in your church, whether it is personal family issues or an issue of discipline that you do not have the right to know all the details about.  You need to trust those the Lord has placed in authority to deal with those situations and not be a busybody speculating or complaining about areas you were not meant to be involved.

Is the Christian Worldview Logical?  –  “Everyone has an ultimate standard, whether he realizes it or not. If it is not the Bible, it will be something else.”

Three Reasons Why Singing is Essential in the Life of the Disciple  – “There are certain habits that are synonymous with spiritual growth. We call these things spiritual disciplines, and they’re things like reading the Bible, praying, fasting, and others. But one habit that doesn’t make the list very often is singing.”

The Girl in the Tuxedo  –  I found this an interesting and encouraging read.  A great reminder that nothing is impossible in God’s economy.  “Teens struggling with their sexual identity may seem to have more options than they did in the 1980s—but one important option is increasingly denied to them.”

Grounded in the Faith: An Essential Guide to Knowing What You Believe and Why  – On sale for $3.99 Kindle Edition


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