Here and There (February 11)


“Because of Jesus—there is always hope, even in the darkest moments of your life.”  Tim Keller

Some great Kindle Deals – Comforts from the Cross  by Elyse Fitzpatrick ($2.99);  New Morning Mercies by Paul Tripp ($4.99) 

Reward System for Kids (That Works!)
Adam4d  –  One of the tragedies of growing up is that we get used to things…
Think Small  – Some reminders from the Out of the Ordinary authors for women of every age dealing with faith testing circumstances.  “What do you need today, or if you can’t think even that far ahead, what do you need in the next minutes or hours? Ask your heavenly Father for it, since he’s promised to provide everything you need (Matthew 6:25-34). What do you need to do right now? Ask for strength to do it. Trust God to give you all you really need, including strength to do what you need to do, minute by minute, hour by hour, for all of today. Trust him to carry you through whatever trial he brings into your life. And if you can’t trust God (I’ve been there; it happens.), ask him to give you faith to rely on him to keep his promises.”
The Heavens Declare the Glory of God  – Kevin DeYoung beautifully reminds us of a few statistics about our universe and the God Who spoke it all into existence.
Getting the Gospel Right  – What is “the Gospel”?  Would you know how to define it if you were asked?  This article is a long read, but breaks it down well.
Do You Live by the Goodness Gospel?  – Well written article by Christine Hoover encouraging us to examine our understanding and practice of the gospel in our daily lives.  Her new book, From Good to Grace: Letting Go of the Goodness Gospel is available now.  “The good news (which is the definition of “gospel”, by the way) is that trying to be good after salvation isn’t the true gospel, and the enslaved life is not what our God offers. He offers grace and freedom. So let us, I say, move together from good to grace.”
O The Precious Blood by Sovereign Grace.  One of my favorites.

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