Here and There (February 18)


May I Continue in My Sin, Please?  – “When you and I sin, it is because we decide to. We actively set aside our Christ-righteousness, and we walk (or run) back to the tomb where our former self—dead, stinking, decaying, rotting, maggoty, filthy old formerly-known-as-you lay waiting for you to resurrect it and give it life once again. We dig it up and strap it on and away we go off to fulfill the wicked desires of our hearts. Like Dr. Frankenstein, once we breathe life into it we find it is very difficult to kill the monster.”

The Embrace That Never Lets Go  – Praying on behalf of those too weak to pray.

What Do We Do When Former Friends Do What They Do?  – “But how do we relate to former friends who are unrepentant for their actions toward us? And how do we respond to shallow apologies? What do you do when someone has sinned against you and wants to pretend as if nothing has happened?”



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