Here and There (February 27)

“God is God. Because He is God, He is worthy of my trust and obedience. I will find rest nowhere but in His holy will that is unspeakably beyond my largest notions of what he is up to.” ~Elisabeth Elliot~
Quiet Moments  –  A great reminder from Thankful Homemaker that although life may not turn out the way we’d hoped, God is still in control and our strength to cope is found in Him and Him alone.   “Not the life I envisioned – but it’s not about me.”
10 Ways to Live a Miserable Life  – A humbling checklist of how not to “do” life:  “A self-centered life will not lead to living an abundant life, it will just lead to a miserable life. All of these actions and attitudes are so easy to succumb to because our flesh will naturally default to them.  It’s a wise woman who recognizes these ways do not lead to a flourishing life but rather a rotten one.”
3 Important Questions for Your Single Years  – Bethany Baird at reminds us:  “Don’t waste these years. God has given you these single years for a reason, so don’t squander them. Use them to point others to Christ.”  Good ideas here and book recommendations too!
Are We Christians Who Don’t Make Sense?  – “Wimpy theology makes wimpy women,” he said. We must be careful to get our theology straight, but even that’s not enough. We must be sure we’re living in (acting on) biblical truth!”
Holding Fast in the Storms of Life  – An encouraging post from Sally Clarkson on the rewards of being faithful during all the seasons of life.  “Gal. 6:9  Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not lose heart.  All family travel into the eyes of life-storms. It is not an evidence of a bad family, it is the reality of a fallen world, with rebellion and fallenness evident with every dark cloud.  And yet, wanting to love God and serve Him through it all, was the glue that held me, us, our own family, together when life threatened to tear all of us apart.”
8 Life Lessons to Teach Your Kids  – Some good ideas here.
Raccoons, Fleas, and “Happily Ever After”  – From Leslie Ludy: “Let Christ have His way, even if it means giving up everything you ever hoped for in life. Let Christ be your source of true fulfillment, even when your spouse lets you down. Your life may not ever look the way you pictured it, but you will find satisfaction and security that can’t be shaken by the circumstances or disappointments of life.”
The Greatest Illustrated Story  – The Galottis write: “Faith is confidence in things hoped for and conviction of things we can’t see. But God, because He made us, knows us, and wired us, has filled His world with paintings, sculptures, and set designs that illustrate His Story.” 
Inviting Children into the Prayer Closet  – Yes, pray for them and with them and also OVER them.  “When they are old, will they still remember the prayers I prayed?  When they see them answered, will they know without a doubt that it was God, extending grace to a praying mother and her children?  When the prayers go unanswered, will they say, “Even so, we trust Him?”  Will they learn to offer their own impassioned pleas to King Jesus? So many dreams and prayers.  My babies will hear them all.  And, so will my God.”

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