Here and There (March 2)


Why are Homeschool Kids so Annoying?  – “And that’s why homeschooled kids are so annoying.  Because no one tells them that the way God made them isn’t cool enough.”

When you Meet Trials of Various Kinds  – “1. How I react to the trial reflects what I really care about. 2. The Lord is my only true hope and comfort. 3. The Lord was faithful yesterday, He is faithful today, and He will be faithful tomorrow.”

Three Relationship Rules  – From Ed Welch of CCEF:  “1. If something bothers you, give it to the relationship. “I am struggling with something and I think it would be best for us if we tried to talk about it.” 2. When one person is working, the other person should be working too. 3. If the other person asks you to do something and you can do it right away, then do it right away.”

Dos and Don’ts of Homeschooling to Encourage You  – Tricia Goyer shares some good ideas.

Some Common Misconceptions About Our Relationship With Sin  – Adam4d shares his thoughts regarding sin misconceptions as only he can.

Older Men, Your Best Days Are Not Behind You  –  Part 1 of J.D. Greear’s excellent series Everyday Faith.  I encourage you to read them all, but in case you don’t, I will be sharing them here because I think they are that good.  The focus of this one aims at temptations particular to those men with much of their life behind them.

The Cost of Motherhood  – A beautiful reminder by a new (again) Mom that in motherhood, “God has used little hands and little feet to help me understand that I cannot lose myself enough in the calling He has given me. And it is in the losing that something of worth is truly gained. Motherhood has cost me, but make no mistake, it hasn’t robbed me. It has given more than I could have ever hoped or imagined. It has caused me to look to the Lord and redefine what I value as important. It has changed me and grown me and helped me to value the quiet, unnoticed things.”



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