Here and There (March 11)


An article well worth the read on The Fellowship of Suffering  – “If you are suffering, your first reaction, especially if you are early on in your suffering, is likely to find others whose suffering reconciled. The estranged couple who worked it out. The cancer patient who recovered. The parents of a rebellious child who saw their child return to the faith. But as your suffering continues, you’ll find a deep treasure in those who have endured without earthly resolution to their pain. Their perseverance will bless you as they know this world is not our home and look to the treasure that lies ahead.”

A Simple Guide to Reading and Applying the Bible with Jesus as the Hero  – “This guide is designed for Sunday school teachers, home Bible study leaders, and the Christian who is trying to be faithful to read and apply the Bible on a consistent basis.”

Parenting Means Wrestling Demons  – “If we go into the work of parenting with a Precious Moments romanticism, it won’t be long before despair sets in. It’s just too hard if we think it’s going to be easy. It’s essential to know, especially when the going gets tough, that we arefighting hell.”

Misty Krasawski brings A Scriptural Perscription for Anxiety  – “Is it possible that at least some of our anxiety is rooted in a failure to humble ourselves?  Might we find a prescription for anxiety in an unlikely place–a position of humility?”

Biblical counsel for depression in this article on Confession Meets Depression from CCEF  – “If you are a big-time confessor of sin when you are depressed—and there are a few of you—then please skip this. But if you are prone to depression, and confession is not high on your list, this might help.”

The last of J.D. Greear’s 4 part series on Everyday Faith:  Young Men, Don’t Murder Your Soul  – “Don’t be bought off by the petty little passions that promise so much and deliver so little. Look to the grace of God, so you can trade them in for real passion and real pleasure.”



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