Here and There (March 13)

“The consistent call of the Bible is to be people who ponder God’s Word, who ponder the world around us, and who constantly grow in wisdom. We can only do this when we break away from our distractions and choose to focus. So Christian, put off distraction and put on concentration and meditation. Control your devices so they serve you as you grow in wisdom and grow in godliness.”  Tim Challies

The Gospel According to Pinterest  –   Out of the Ordinary writes “If I subscribe to the gospel according to my Pinterest feed, I will feel compelled to do these things in order to save myself and my family. I will, as Michael Horton writes in his book Ordinary: Sustainable Faith in a Radical, Restless World, be “driven by more a desire for self-justification and self-acclaim than by being secure in Christ enough to tend now to the actual needs of others.”

God Doesn’t Want Matt Chandler to be Your Pastor  – Stephen Altrogge writes on the importance of not replacing our local pastor with a “podcast preacher”.

Kimberly Wagner with some thoughts on Depression, Darkness and the Light That Breaks Through – “Let the light of His powerful victory stream in when you’re overwhelmed by the darkness.”

Although Carolyn Mahaney was unprepared for this question: “What do you do for personal fulfillment?”, she has an answer now.  Are Hobbies the Secret to Happiness? 

Alyssa Poblete gives 3 Reasons Women Need Good Theology  – “Regarding women and theology, God’s Word is pretty plain. Not just men were given the first commandment to love the Lord with all their heart, soul, and mind. God didn’t make this calling gender-specific. All his followers love him in this way. Women need good theology, just as much as men do.”

Tim Challies with tips on Living Well in a Digital World  – “Once we relax self-control in one area of life, we allow the spirit of indulgence to creep in, and we are never far from letting go of control in other areas. So much of what our digital world brings us is good, but like so much else, it is good only in moderation.”

Are Christians Afraid to Talk About Contraception?  – The first of a series designed to start a conversation exploring the issues pertaining to contraception from a Christian standpoint.



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