Here and There (April 6)


Some Notable Kindle Deals:  The Shepherd Leader at Home by Timothy Witmer ($2.99); Family Driven Faith by Voddie Baucham ($3.99); Exploring Grace Together by Jessica Thompson ($3.99); Marriage and Family by Andreas Kostenberger ($3.99); Give Them Grace by Elyse Fitzpatrick ($3.99); Out of the Depths by Edgar Harrell ($1.99); The Gagging of God by D.A. Carson ($3.99); Finally Free by Heath Lambert ($3.99).

The Silence of God by Andrew Peterson

Illogical Easter  – It doesn’t make sense.  Can it possibly be that easy?

And speaking of Easter, What Difference Does It Make anyway? Take a look…

Left: the Narrative of a Child of Divorce  – Jonathan Edwards (not the puritan) writes on the struggle to make sense of life when a parent leaves.

It is important to Quiet the Fear, Do the Work  – “There is likely some opportunity before us to pursue today. Let’s not be surprised if we don’t want to do it. That’s the nature of real fighting in a real war. Let us be strong and courageous. Quiet the fear. Fight the good fight. Do the work. The Lord our God will be with us wherever we go.”

This article explores Why “I’m Sorry” Isn’t Enough –  Teaching Our Kids The Language Of Forgiveness.

“Did you know that, on average, each of us speaks about twenty-five thousand words daily? My last book didn’t have that many words. A lot of language is flowing out of our mouths every day and having an impact on those around us. But how much of that flow is fulfilling God’s intended purpose for our speech? How much of it reflects pride, rather than a gospel-motivated humility?” ― C.J. MahaneyHumility: True Greatness

“It is impossible to forgive someone if you feel superior to him or her.”  Tim Keller



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